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Is there an age limit for the event?

We are an 18+ event. Please bring a valid government ID (e.g. driver's license, government-issued ID card, passports, foreign government IDs). Photocopies of IDs, student or college IDs, or temporary DMV printouts are not acceptable forms.

Anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited to drink, hold, or touch alcoholic beverages, glassware, or straws at any time. Violators will be immediately escorted out, including all individuals involved in the incident with no refund. Underage drinking is illegal and puts the venue at risk of losing its liquor license...and then there would be no more GAMEBOI!

Fun fact: over 70% of our crowd is over 21+, with a median age of 24.


Nope! If you bought your tickets presale online (which we highly recommend; we usually have early bird discounts!) an e-ticket will be attached as a PDF to your order confirmation email. We just need to be able to scan the QR code at the door. Print via paper, screenshot, open in passbook, or download the Eventbrite app! You can even pay at the door if you'd like, though prices may vary.

WHAT IS THE dress code?

Dress as comfortably or excessively as you'd like. Hats, heels, flats, dresses, shorts, miniskirts, tank tops--you do you, girl! Just be prepared to dance the night away amongst large crowds of people, so we'd recommend that whatever you decide to put on is safe (so probably not flip flops).

What is THE refund policy?

All sales are final. Sorry about that!

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